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The cluster offers long-term or short-term training courses preferably linked with study tours to Finland also in the field of Energy Technology and ICT. In the field of Energy Technology we are specialized in energy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes and in environmental friendly energy production. In the field of ICT we are specialized in gamification, serious gaming , simulations and cyber security

Study tours to Finland

The incentive programme is based on the knowledge of Finnish companies and on the contribution of Finnish experts and specialists with practical experience. The visits are arranged to companies operating in the field in question and being of interest to the participants. The programme details are tailored for each client upon the client’s wishes. The programmes of the study tours are mainly for 2-5 days and they include lectures, visits and meetings with specialists in the field.


Energy audit/energy efficiency

  • Target group: Experts who wish to start to do energy audits, engineers (energy, HEVAC, electrical engineering), equipment suppliers, engineering companies and other personnel
  • Main topics
    • auditing process
    • cases of electricity and heat energy savings
    • project assignment (work)
  • Duration: 2-5 days
  • Group: 10-20
  • Benefits to customer: Normally in energy audits in Finland, savings of 20% can be found in the use of energy (payback time from 0 to 5 years)

Power plant simulation

  • Target group: Plant operation staff, engineers
  • Main topics
    • power plant process
    • basic operation training
    • main automation systems
    • basic operation as: start-up, load changes
  • Duration: 2-5 days
  • Group: 5-10

Reduction in energy production emissions

  • Target group: Energy plant directors and management, operation control, environmental authorities, planners
  • Main topics
    • reduction technologies
    • measurements
    • SOx, NOx, COx, particles
    • Project assignment (work)
  • Duration: 2-5 days
  • Group: 10-20