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ProAgria hosted Russian tour operators

ProAgria hosted 10.-12.4.2018 a fam trip for a group of Russian tour operators and media representatives. Ms Tuula Repo from ProAgria South Finland told, that the group visited 15 objects in the Southern Finland. Companies presented options for accommodation, nature resorts, programme providers and shopping places.

In search of pure nature and ecological food as well as peace and experiences Russians arrive to Finland not only from St. Petersburg but also from other cities such as Moscow and Ekaterinburg.

Vimpa Islans Fishing Tours Oy was one of the places for visit. It has been for long popular among Russian customers. – They are demanding customers but loyal, if everything is arranged smoothly, says entrepreneur Pertti Illi.

– Russians are still attracted by nature, food, cottages and fishing in Finland. But as competitions is growing Finns need innovate products demanded by the market, points out Marina Mataeva, Sales Director of Vedi Tur from Moscow.

Timo Salmia from Rönnäs Seaside Resort finds inviting tour operators very useful. It is impossible to feel the places in brochures or internet page. You must feel it on spot.