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The start to cooperation in agriculture

On November 28 the team of representatives of a cluster ECSEF has carried out in St. Petersburg “Quality from the field to a table. Development of self-sufficiency in agriculture and food production”.


Environmental services

ProAgria has expertise in organic farming, growth conditions of soil based on good make-up and well-functioning water management, improvement of the condition of bodies of water, efficient utilisation of nutrients, landscape management, development of constructed environment and sustainable use of energy.

Investment services

Training, investment calculations, assistance for the comparison of profitability, financing plans and support for the drawing up of permit documents. Moreover, expertise for the planning of construction, efficient use of energy, animal welfare, animal feed production and environmental matters. Our service perceives the progress and deployment of the overall investment, and brings in an impartial perspective.

Management services

Strategic planning and goal setting, financial planning and financial control tools related to daily management, work of a board of directors, accounting services, analysis of results and incorporation services.

Rural businesses

Varied training and services for rural SMEs to launch and develop the business and for the management of change situations, plus accounting services. Special expertise for rural industries such as food preparation, tourism and catering services, horse business, contracting, and energy and healthcare companies.


For crop producers

Diverse training and services for management, financial and production control, investments and expertise development. Services for the efficient and productive use of arable land, taking into account the market outlook and also the environment.

For livestock producers

Training and solutions tailored to the objectives for short-term and long-term management, and versatile services for financial and production control, investments and expertise development, covering the farm as a whole (dairy or meat production, animal feed production, feeding, finances).

For the food chain

Uninterrupted and transparent food chain from the farm to the consumer. ProAgria provides the chain with training and services to improve the financial result of the entrepreneurs, business and management expertise, quality systems consulting, analyses and reference data from large databases as well as construction and adaptation of data collection systems.