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Harbor Crane Operator – training


  • Crane operations in the port
  • Crane types, cargo types and equipment used
  • Theoretical background for port operations and cargo handling
  • Specified skills for crane operators
  • Safety at work, efficiency
    vSimulator training by selected type of harbor cranes
  • Ship’s Crane
  • Material Handler


Technical visit programmes 


A presentation on the adult education system in Finland. The presentation will open the system, which helps adults educate themselves further in Kouvola, Southern Finland.
The presentation takes place in the new privately own education institution in Kouvola. This new centre is one of the most modern technical education institutions in Finland and offers technical visits in various fields of education. (more…)

Crane Operator Trainer – Training


  • Theoretical background for port operations and cargo handling
  • Safety at work, efficiency
  • Crane types, cargo types and equipment used
  • Skills for driving most crane types in simulator
  • How to use the simulator in teaching and how it is associated with workplace training
  • Organization of the training of crane drivers in the workplace
  • Study visits to local ports and companies


Quality Management in Vocational Education


  • How to learn Finnish-Style?
  • Quality assurance in VET
  • European level national level local level
  • Key elements of quality management
  • Building up a quality system for educational organization
  • Excursion


Waste management and recycling

The experience of Finland in recycling and waste management is outstanding. Tailor-made tours include presentations, meetings with specialists and visits to companies or organizations representing interesting achievement on that specific field.

Modern transport company

This educational tour was created for Russian market. Therefore the detailed programme is in Russian only . If you would be interested in getting information in English, please contact us. We can modify the programme to meet needs for other markets as well.

Study tours to Finland

The incentive programme is based on the knowledge of Finnish companies and on the contribution of Finnish experts and specialists with practical experience. The visits are arranged to companies operating in the field in question and being of interest to the participants. The programme details are tailored for each client upon the client’s wishes. The programmes of the study tours are mainly for 2-5 days and they include lectures, visits and meetings with specialists in the field.



The cluster members offer education in technology, e.g. in harbour logistics and motor sports, including simulator training.

Services include long term programmes as well as study tours and job shadowing.