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French gastronomy professionals in Finland

In August ProAgria and Action Finland! invited French top gastronomy professionals for the fourth time to Finland. Since 2015 they cooperate to assist Finnish products to enter the demanding market of France. The managing director of Action Finland! Jarna Coadic informs, that they select carefully small, interesting companies to promote their products in France.


Waste management and recycling

The experience of Finland in recycling and waste management is outstanding. Tailor-made tours include presentations, meetings with specialists and visits to companies or organizations representing interesting achievement on that specific field.

Modern transport company

This educational tour was created for Russian market. Therefore the detailed programme is in Russian only . If you would be interested in getting information in English, please contact us. We can modify the programme to meet needs for other markets as well.

Passenger transport

Programme of educational tour: Passenger transportation
Please see information in Russian or contact us for further information.

For constructors

Russian-language programmes for the training and further education of heads and workers of construction companies

and also manuals/workbooks for the professional training of the personnel of construction companies and application in educational institutions.


Business education

Primary professional education in business economics. Vocational qualification.

The education for business economics consists of 3 educational programs:

• customer service and sales
• economic and office services
• information and library services


Study tours to Finland

The incentive programme is based on the knowledge of Finnish companies and on the contribution of Finnish experts and specialists with practical experience. The visits are arranged to companies operating in the field in question and being of interest to the participants. The programme details are tailored for each client upon the client’s wishes. The programmes of the study tours are mainly for 2-5 days and they include lectures, visits and meetings with specialists in the field.


Environmental services

ProAgria has expertise in organic farming, growth conditions of soil based on good make-up and well-functioning water management, improvement of the condition of bodies of water, efficient utilisation of nutrients, landscape management, development of constructed environment and sustainable use of energy.

Investment services

Training, investment calculations, assistance for the comparison of profitability, financing plans and support for the drawing up of permit documents. Moreover, expertise for the planning of construction, efficient use of energy, animal welfare, animal feed production and environmental matters. Our service perceives the progress and deployment of the overall investment, and brings in an impartial perspective.

Management services

Strategic planning and goal setting, financial planning and financial control tools related to daily management, work of a board of directors, accounting services, analysis of results and incorporation services.