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Crane Operator Trainer – Training


  • Theoretical background for port operations and cargo handling
  • Safety at work, efficiency
  • Crane types, cargo types and equipment used
  • Skills for driving most crane types in simulator
  • How to use the simulator in teaching and how it is associated with workplace training
  • Organization of the training of crane drivers in the workplace
  • Study visits to local ports and companies

Other information

  • Aims: Specified skills for crane operator trainers
  •  Target group: Selected people to operate in the harbor as trainers for crane operators
  • Group size: 3–5 person
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Location: Kotka, Finland
  • Language: English, Finnish
  • Availability: as required

Ekami Consulting Ltd has license to offer
Finnish qualifications devised specifically
for the international market
Contact: CEO Annu Jokela-Ylipiha,