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ECSEF new association

The members of Educational Cluster of South-East Finland have been operating as an informal network since 2014. The operation of the cluster has been led by an executive group consisting of cluster members representatives. In 2018 the members organized a strategy meeting inviting other organizations interested in educational export from Kymenlaakso region to join in. During the strategy meeting the participants decided to establish an association.

In the founding meeting in January, Adult Education Center Kouvola, Ekami Consulting Oy, Kouvola Region Vocational College and ProAgria South Finland established ECSEF ry (registered association). The following people were appointed into the associations board: Ms Annu Jokela-Ylipiha as the chairman, Mr Timo Olli as a vice chairman, and Ms Leena Kaivola, Mr Timo Mallinen as well as Ms Virve Obolgogiani as fully fledged board members. Ms Obolgogiani was also appointed as the Executive Director of the association.

The association will continue the work done by the cluster as an informal network to internationalize the educational know-how in South-East Finland.