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French gastronomy professionals in Finland

In August ProAgria and Action Finland! invited French top gastronomy professionals for the fourth time to Finland. Since 2015 they cooperate to assist Finnish products to enter the demanding market of France. The managing director of Action Finland! Jarna Coadic informs, that they select carefully small, interesting companies to promote their products in France.

The delegation consisted of top names in gastronomy, new talents and byers of gastronomy shops. In addition, were invited journalists from Elle à Table ja Le Parisien Week End. The aim of the trip was to convince French specialists of the high quality of Finnish products and clean environment. The delegation tasted Finnish products e.g in Helsinki on the board of m/s Doris of IHA- Lines enjoying at the same the archipelago, restaurant Ultima and in Lapland at Honka Säikkärä. At the same time they got to know Finnish know-how in culinary arts and nature.

ProAgria offers practical help to Finnish companies interested in export of products, including know-how of specialists and resources both in Finland and abroad. Due to the Finnish-French cooperation many markable chefs and catering companies in France have been using Finnish high-quality products for several years. Products can also be found in the luxury and gastronomy shops in Paris.