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Get Mobile: Customer service excellence!


  • Customer service
  • The features of a good customer servant. What customer orientation and customer satisfaction are, and why they are important.
  • The customer service process
  • Why this process is an important part of reaching customer service excellence? Cultural differences and intercultural communication
  • What are cultural differences and how they can be measured?
  • What power distance means in culture?

Other information

  • Aims: To learn international customer service in fun and efficient way with Funzi Mobile Tool
  • Target group: People who are interested in commercial business
  • Group size: As agreed
  • Location: Internet
  • Language: English  / Russian
  • Availability: As agreed
  • Price: 40 EUR per student (inc. access to learning environment, test and certificate)

Ekami Consulting Ltd has license to offer
Finnish qualifications devised specifically
for the international market
Contact: CEO Annu Jokela-Ylipiha, annu.