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Study tours to Finland

The incentive programme is based on the knowledge of Finnish companies and on the contribution of Finnish experts and specialists with practical experience. The visits are arranged to companies operating in the field in question and being of interest to the participants. The programme details are tailored for each client upon the client’s wishes. The programmes of the study tours are mainly for 2-5 days and they include lectures, visits and meetings with specialists in the field.

Objectives of the study tour to Finland

  • present to the participants those elements of development in the field in Finland which they can use in their own country
  • assist the participants to find elements for the modernisation of their own work
  • look at current topics of management
  • get acquainted with modern methods for the control of the quality of products/services in the field
  • study current tendencies in innovative products in the field

Housing Fair in Kouvola / Ярмарка жилья в г. Коувола
Registration to the programme / Запись на программу 5-7.8.2019

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