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Results of the Astana visit

Team Finland delegations discussed the results of the visit to Astana. Finpro arranged a feedback seminar on 11 February 2016 for the participants of the Business Delegation, which travelled to Astana, Kazakhstan, in October.

Lenita Toivakka

Lenita Toivakka

Minister Ms Lenita Toivakka noted that there is much interest in Astana towards Finland and co-operation with our country. She also spoke about the importance of participation in Expo 2017 in terms of the relationships between Finland and Kazakhstan.
The leader of the Cleantech delegation Mr Tero Vierros / Outotec Oy spoke about the difficult period, as the economy of Kazakhstan is also largely dependent on oil and gas. He considers that the trip was useful, and negotiations about joint projects are under progress.

Mr Markku Oikarinen, the leader of the Educational Delegation expressed his gratitude to the Minister for opening doors in Astana. He noted that the delegation consisted of very different organisations – universities, vocational colleges and companies. Therefore the expectations towards the visit were also different.

Markku Oikarinen

Markku Oikarinen

He considers that the main task in the successful export of education services is in creating products and service complexes for international co-operation. The educational field needs to develop sales and in the future the sales persons / organisations will be in a key position.

Ms Anniina Koivula-Olstedt has just arrived from Kazakhstan and brought fresh news from the Embassy of Finland. She also confirmed that in Kazakhstan there are high expectations that Finland should participate in Expo 2017.

Mr Severi Keinänen from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy replied that it is important to find companies that would be interested in participation and taking part in the costs.

DSC_0065 Aleksej Leppänen p40 raj

Aleksej Leppänen

The moderator of the discussion, Mr Aleksej Leppänen from Finpro, finished with positive news about several international companies that have started their operations in Kazakhstan.

Written by: Virve Obolgogiani