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The start to cooperation in agriculture

On November 28 the team of representatives of a cluster ECSEF has carried out in St. Petersburg “Quality from the field to a table. Development of self-sufficiency in agriculture and food production”.

The program of a seminar has been apprehended by professionals with interest. In a conference room of Consulate General of Finland met the stakeholders – the representatives of agricultural and technological higher education institutions, colleges, consulting companies and farmers.

Маркку СаариNow, when need of development of agriculture in Russia is especially important, the educational cluster of ECSEF proposes the Finnish solutions on training and consulting in this area.
Markku Saari, one of founders of the educational cluster ECSEF, has opened the meeting.
Tomi Höök (KSAO Professional college of the region of Kouvola) has submitted the unique educational program BioSampo, which could be actual for farmers. He has raised many questions, including technological – in Russia biotechnologies are used a little so far.
The consultant for agriculture Ari Kultanen, well known in this audience for a long time, has presented consulting and expert opportunities of the Finnish organization “ProAgria” for increase in productivity in breeding and crop farming.
About modern requirements to transportations of agricultural products and food as far as about training system for professional drivers has said Kalle Sarlund, the representative of Adult Education Centre Kouvola (KVLAKK).
Great attention was caused by the report of the guest-speaker; he was Raul Lennstrem, the General Director of Valio LLC, St.-Petersburg. He has told about the system of supply of qualitative raw materials in the Leningrad region, what difficulties had to be overcome in order that today quality didn’t concede to the European. The report raised questions of requirements to raw materials, of opportunities of the help to farmers, of the organization of scientific and technological cooperation.
Possible programs of cooperation with the Russian higher education institutions and agricultural associations were submitted by Aleksi Janissuo, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.
Virve Obolgogiani, the coordinator of the ECSEF, has summed up the seminar result; she has emphasized opportunities and advantages of a cluster and has called participants for cooperation on specific projects.
The seminar has given start to active search of the partner for the organization of BioSampo School in Russia for training of qualitative technologists who will be able to organize energy production from any biological waste of agricultural and industrial production.
On the basis of discussions the following tasks for the cluster were defined:
– to conclude the partner agreement with one of agricultural higher education institutions which is carrying out additional education and professional development for agrarian enterprises and to develop the joint program of professional education;
– to create the complex offer for agro holdings (motivational training to Finland for heads of agricultural enterprises, training, consulting).