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Vocational education in Business Economics

Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration has paved the way to an interesting industry, graduates from the Kouvola Region Vocational College say.

The college has many years of experience in vocational education in economics in Russian. Graduates receive a Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration.

In recent years, education has been organized for Russian speakers in Finland in Finnish, with possible support in Russian.

Larisa Konga graduated last year. She chose the programme based on recommendations from her friends, who highly valued the training. All her friends were employed after the programme. She had been thinking about the studies for several years but had some doubts of her proficiency in Finnish. The decision to apply was ultimately influenced by the fact that there was an opportunity to receive support in Russian language. Upon necessity teachers were able to switch into Russian.

At the end of the practice, she was offered a job in the same company. She is especially glad that she got settled in the accounting industry, where it is particularly difficult to find a job without a proper diploma. She considers the teachers to be very talented. The training was clear and adapted to work, and the material was very accessible.

Nadezda Kauppanen accidentally noticed an announcement about the programme on Facebook. She became interested after noticing that the programme is for Russian speaking people. Graduating last year, she was employed in the process of education as well. She found herself a job in the trade.

Nadezhda highly appreciates the material of study: they passed all the basic computer programmes and received a hygiene certificate. Teachers were very helpful and gave good advice, for example, how to prepare for a job interview and what is needed in a CV. She also liked the fact that a wonderful group was formed. They still keep in contact with each other.

The college regularly offers an economic programme for Russian speakers in Finnish.  There is also opportunity to organize training on business and trade upon request in Russian. The programme is based on modules, which can also be arranged separately, e.g. in entrepreneurship, trade and basics of accounting,

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